Joint Venture Partnership

How this Works…

A joint venture partnership will see the Property Landowner and Property Developer come together to undertake a property development project.

Auckland is experiencing a housing boom and there is not enough land to build houses.  Land price values are increasing due to the property market demands, this is great if you have good size area of land and good equity.  

We have heard many stories of property landowners being approached by real estate agents or other property developers to ask them to sell, and in many cases they will onsell for more profit.  This unique opportunity through this joint venture partnership will allow both parties to share the profits when all completed units are sold.  The PropertySeek Team will provide you with the support needed to get you there.  Your success…. is our success.

We are seeking property landowners who fit one or more of the following groups:

  • Retirees
  • Empty nesters – children have left home or downsizing
  • Moving out of Auckland to escape the hustle and bustle
  • Mortgagee sales
  • Wanting to increase your investment financial portfolios
  • Wanting to sell and earn a profit

Our PropertySeek Team will assess the following criteria to determine if your property is eligible.

  • 20% equity
  • Land area of 650m2 or more
  • Reside in Auckland
  • Low mortgage