About Us

What we do…

PropertySeek & Co provides a ‘property search service’ to seek and connect with property landowners in Auckland.  We have teamed up with a reputable and highly experienced Auckland property developer who is seeking motivated property landowners to develop and build on their property.

In simple terms, we find the properties and they build homes.  We are not a real estate agency as our main focus is to connect property landowners with the property developer.

The key point being, there is an opportunity for both the property landowner and property developer to form a partnership and generate a better sale price for the property.  Based on this ‘partnership model’ all parties will gain and share profits at the end of the project development.

If you have been approached by a real estate agent or another developer to sell your property… DON’T SELL!  Contact us today to allow us to assess your eligibility to develop it and sell it for a better price.